About Us


Kroitzsh Family Circa 1982

Our pie company has been family owned and operated for over 35 years. The pies of Valley View Orchards were created in 1975, in our home kitchen to compliment our pick-your-own apple business in Greenland, New Hampshire. We used, and still use to this day, the apples from our own orchards and we like to use local and regional ingredients in our pies whenever possible.

People were always saying that our pies were the best pies they had ever tasted. Eventually, we were selling out of pies each day in our barn store. Our pies became so well known regionally, that local stores, farm stands and markets started requesting our products. Eventually our pies became so popular, that we outgrew our NH location. We bought a bigger farm and built a larger bakery in the beautiful foothills of Hebron Maine. The business has grown from making 30 pies per day in our home kitchen to FDA inspected facility with capabilities of up to  2,000 pies per day.

Although production has increased quite a bit, our gourmet pies are still handmade and our quality, close attention to detail and customer service has never changed.

We hope you enjoy our pies!


The Orchards

Our Apple Farm is located in the beautiful foothills of Hebron, Maine. We maintain 160 acres, 60 of which are apple orchards, harvesting a new supply of apples from September through October.

The apples are peeled for our pies. The apples are grown using the Integrated Crop Management System that minimizes the amount of chemicals required to produce healthy, tasty fruit.